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SkyVillage Minecraft Pricing

Select the plan that best currently fits your needs. If you need help determining which plan will best support you, please contact us.

Notice: Please keep the Minecraft version, player-count, and the sort of plugins you'll use in-mind before purchasing the server. Different versions of MC consume a different amount of RAM for minimum, and although we optimize servers the best we can, a poor amount of RAM can result in a unworking server.

> Check out our Documentation for Frequently Asked Questions.
> Ask in the Discord, or Contact Us for any questions.

*Recommended for most users (servers 1.16.5 or below).
(2) Paid Hosting - Starter Plan - Recommended for small communities of up to 25 players
Starter Plan

4096MB RAM
49GB Disk Space
3 Extra Allocations and Backups
3 Databases

(3) Paid Hosting - Growth Plan - Recommended for communities of up to 42 players
Birth Plan

6144MB RAM
63GB Disk Space
Extra Allocations and Backups
3 Databases

(4) Paid Hosting - Birth Plan - Recommended for communities up to 62 players
Growth Plan

8192MB RAM
77GB Disk Space
4 Extra Allocations, Backups and Databases

Villager and Child

*All prices are excluding VAT, or extra charges/taxes that may be put in place by your chosen payment method.
*Extra Storage, and Allocations are available to purchase as extras.

Power Plans

If you need anything with more power. 

*Power plans are under constant construction and improvement, such as improving DDoS and TCP protection as well as changing servers to a better, more updated, CPU type.

*Recommended for big servers, part of our power plans group.
(5) Paid Hosting - Blacksmith Plan - Recommended for 110+ players
Blacksmith Plan

16384MB RAM
154GB Disk Space
Extra Allocations and Backups and Databases

Chicken Egg
Configurable, and an easy-to-use panel

SkyVillage is powered by Wisp, a largely used panel, with a built-in file manager, built-in plugins support and much more.

Community and Team Support available

Support is available in our Discord, from our community and SkyVillage team.

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