SkyVillage Community Club

A hosting service and community club for Minecraft SMP owners and other gamers offering 24/7 support, exclusive members only content and channels, members only events, and a free club t-shirt!

More than just Minecraft™ hosting. We're a community club.

We're a community club, granting you access to an exclusive community with many benefits.
You can also select from a variety of game types. Want a game type that we don't have? Contact us >
Every plan is backed with Anti-DDoS protection, and access to our exclusive Membership. 
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Minecraft™ Java and Bedrock

The classic choice, between Bedrock, and Java. Fully packed with built-in plugins manager, and the choice from a variety of server software: Paper, Spigot, Vanilla, Purpur, Forge, and more. Optimized and ready as soon as you purchase.

Web Hosting

Hosted with over 20 processors on AMD EPYC CPUs using cPanel. Has LiteSpeed Web Server, Softaculous Automatic Installer, JetBackup, Email-support, Database-support, and Free SSL Certificates.
Budget, fast and reliable hosting. 

Why SkyVillage?

Every plan is backed with anti-DDoS protection, protecting you from everyday server attacks. Guaranteed support via our Discord ensures you have the best possible support if your server is experiencing any difficulties or problems. 
Every server is hosted on our Premium Wisp Panel, backed with 99.9% uptime, which is frequently upgraded.

What's included?

99.9% Network Uptime Guarantee
Because of our innovating infrastructure, we can guarantee 99.9% uptime on our services. This can be checked on our status page.

Powerful Easy-to-use Panel with advanced features
The panels we use have been checked to make sure they're fit for easy-use.

Included server backups
Server Backups are included to make server maintenance easy, just one click of a button.

SkyVillage Club Membership
An exclusive membership included, access to a server full of fellow SMP owners and experts.

Every Plan backed with Anti-DDoS protection
Our servers protect against automated attacks by detecting malicious traffic, protecting your SMPs.

Easy, simple, and pain-free.

Start deploying your server today, whether it's a Minecraft server, Discord Bot, or other server, start today!

DDoS, TCP, and other protection included.

SkyVillage ensures that servers will be protected with built-in machine protection, as well as firewall-backed configuration.
*All servers are protected with Anti-attack measures.

Many locations, with more to come.

SkyVillage has currently got European Hosting, with more locations and nodes to come. Check our Discord + Status page for the latest updates on our hosting.
*SkyVillage always has dedicated servers with built-in DDoS, and other protection to ensure your servers are kept from attacks to reduce downtime; because of this and other various factors, it may take a while to roll out new locations.

FAQ, Docs, and Guides

See our docs on how to use our services, guides created by the SkyVillage Team on how to add your own free subdomains, and much more. 
Stuck and don't know what to do? Use our Docs to help guide you.
Still want help? Get help from our Discord community, or contact us!

Registered non-profit organization.