Fair Use Policy

General Information
We allow usage of servers freely within the quota you ordered for the server. Upon starting your server, you’ll be limited to the specific quota you ordered.
The quota can be increased by going to Services > My Services, then upon clicking on one of your services, there will be Upgrade/Downgrade options in the sidebar. You can upgrade your services from there. 

If no upgrades are available, you may be at the maximum quota we allow for your plan. Otherwise, please contact our team directly to see if we can upgrade your plan in other ways.

Use of copyright material and proof of ownership of content
Content hosted with us must not contain Warez, copyright or other illegal material including links or redirects to copyright material hosted on 3rd party websites/resources. It is your responsibility as a customer to prove that you own the rights to publish material when requested. SkyVillage does not allow the propagation or distribution of copyright material, files or warez under any circumstances. 

Unmetered storage
Unmetered storage also follow the same policies and must not be abused in any shape or form. 
Hosting illegal content is disallowed -- what we mean by "illegal" is disallowed by applicable law in your region, our business region, and/or the machine on which your content is hosted.

Registered non-profit organization.